Spring Crushes

Dear Reid,

Spring is here and you know what that means: Love is in the air and in my French class. There is this girl I have noticed since the first day of the quarter. I am a shy person, so it took a long time fo rme just to talk to her, let alone ask her on a date. Witht he quarter ending in two weeks, I don’t have much time left, and I need your advice. Do I ask her out now and hope it goes well enough to stay in contact over the summer? Or do I wait until next year and try to approach her then?

Shot by Cupid’s Arrow

What’s the deal? This isn’t supposed to be a serious advice column. Let me tell you, this is a tough question. In fact, like so many other questions I’ve addressed since this column began, I know where you’re coming from. I’ve put a lot of thought into this, Arrow, and, although I am utterly unqualified to even think about counseling you on this one, I really think you should heed my advice. Today, after Span- er, I mean French, you should talk to this girl. You’ve been a wuss about this long enough; it’s time to just take the plunge and ask her out. Hell, you just asking for a date… right? Don’t worry about the end of the year coming up. don’t worry about what will happen during the summer. Whatever happens happens. Oh, and I have a feeling that you’re a pretty hip and groovy guy and that there’s really no reason that anyone wouldn’t want to go out with you.


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