Here's to you, Mrs. Robinson

Dear Reid,

What’s your take on dating people who are much older or younger than you? I have been seeing someone that is 15 years older than me. I haven’t ever considered swinging that way. This person is dead sexy, but I’m not sure if I should continue—for obvious reasons. My parents would die; they’re closer in age to this person than I am.

I’ve heard that it’s okay if you’re 30 and older, but I’m in my 20’s. We’ve really connected, so I’m not all that sure that age matters. What do you think?


Robbed from the Cradle

I know how you feel. You’ve finally found someone you connect with, who really turns you on. But still, for some reason you’re doubting. You’ve fallen back on your old habits, trying to talk yourself out of a good thing over a nit-picky detail like age. Look at Janet Jackson, for instance. She’s got to be closing in on 50, but she’s still hot enough to go flashing her breasts in front of 100 million people. Sure, the FCC started freaking out about the indecency of nipples and f-words on broadcast television, but nobody had any complaints that the dude she was dirty dancing with was half her age.

You shouldn’t be ashamed of it when you have an attraction to someone. Everyone has those feelings; it’s a natural part of being a living creature. If people weren’t attracted to each other, there simply wouldn’t be any people! Honestly, I have no idea how the human population keeps reproducing, based on all the problems—spanning from the inane to the totally insane—that I hear about when people try to get together.

Robbed, you’re in your 20’s, and—doing the math—your partner can’t be more than 44, so at least both of you are consenting adults. Obviously, I’d have a big problem with this if you were one of my typical “tween-age” readers, asking if it’s okay to date their gay uncle’s boyfriend or something. But there’s really no reason that two grown-up people can’t have a healthy, grown-up relationship even if one is significantly more grown-up than the other. And, to top it all off your new partner should easily be able to relate to your parents, being so close in age and all!

Robbed, you’re not a baby anymore; don’t act like one. Now, go get yourself some of that hot geezer action!


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