Missing the action

Dear Reid,

I went to college and met a great group of friends whom I loved a lot. Then, sadly, college ended and I moved away. Unfortunately, I have almost lost touch with all of my college friends, except for one who would never let me lose touch with her. Anyway, now all my old friends have moved on. Two are married to each other. Two are about to get married, not to each other but people they met later on. One is writing an online advice column and one is going to the Peace Corps. Do you have any suggestions on how I can reconnect with them even though I am still far away?


Missing the Action

I know how you feel. It’s time for you to drop these lame-ass friends of yours and realize that you’ve moved on with your life, as they have with theirs. It’s been half a decade for Pete’s sake.

Your only real problem is dental hygeine. How much time do you spend brushing your teeth each day? Dentists recommend brushing for at least two minutes at a time, twice a day. And, if you can swing it, you should really brush after every meal, as well. However, studies show that most people only brush for a fraction of the time that they should. To help guide you in your brushing, maybe you should try using the patent-pending Tooth Timer®—it makes brushing fun!


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