Mysterious rectal bleeding

Dear Reid,

I have been with my boyfriend for about 4 years off and on. About 3 1/2 years ago he started bleeding from his rear after using the bathroom. He went to the doctor and they told him that his lining was torn, but I don’t know why. He eats out a lot and drinks lots of Coke, so maybe its just the fiber in his diet. I asked my mother if that would cause bleeding and she said it could if he were constipated. He says he is, but when I look at his stool it seems normal and he does not make those noises (like if you are constipated). He has been taking some fiber pills, which he says have been helping him, but he is still bleeding, and it’s made me suspicious.

He and I have never been active back there, but I would just like to know if maybe he is just not telling me something. I have asked him discreet questions regarding his problem, and he got really furious when I asked him if he had had intercourse with a guy. The other thing that concerns me is that he is only 28 and I 24; and he is not really sexually active with me. We have intercourse about three times a month and we live together. I don’t think thats normal, according to friends. I know sometimes it’s hard for a guy to come out and say he is gay, especially if he is a cop. He has friends in the police dept who are bisexual. I have heard so many stories.

If he is gay, it’s ok. I would just want to know the truth so he can go on with his life and I with mine. Please help me get out of my fear. Thank you.

Copping a Feel

I know how you feel. Rectal bleeding, along with a fondness for Elton John, is one of the top signs of possible homosexuality in a man. Reportedly, homosexual men frequently engage in sexual intercourse through the anus. Without proper lubrication, such repetitive chafing of the soft tissue within the rectum can cause discomfort and even bleeding. Some men, even those who are not homosexual, may still find it sexually pleasurable to directly stimulate the prostate, otherwise known as the “Male G-Spot”. It is quite common, even during male-female intercourse, for a man to wish to have his partner insert a finger or some other object into his anus for this reason.

I would encourage you to experiment with your boyfriend in this area. As a police officer, it is quite likely that the intense male bonding that occurs on the job has led to some form of homosexual tendencies, whether or not he has acted upon them physically. And if stimulation using an artificial object doesn’t do it for him, the next step should be to invite a third person into your bedroom. There’s nothing like a threesome to bring two people closer together.

Or, of course, he might just have hemorrhoids.


15 Responses to “Mysterious rectal bleeding”

  1. Reid Says:

    Wow, Reid! You’re brilliant!

  2. R U 4 real Says:

    Did it ever occur to you that your boyfriend might have a real problem not related to being homosexual? Maybe he became defensive because he couldn’t believe your accusations. Because his libido doesn’t meet your friends expectations, this makes him gay? How juvenille, why are you discussing such intimate details with your friends about your boyfriend? If one of your friends desire to try him on for size and succeed, you’ll have yourself to blame for leading him astray. Keep your friends out of your bedroom!!!

  3. you never know Says:

    you never know these days. you have every right to wonder. i have ben in this situation 3 times. the first the guy ended up being gay, the 2nd being gay, and the 3rd ended up having another medical problem. out of the three the one with the other medical condition, talked to me immediately, was scared and wanted my support. i looke back and the other two were secretive, and get very upset with me asking because I was concerned.

    be careful, if they are dishonest. leads to many other life threatening issues!

  4. jim Says:

    Anal bleeding doesnt just come from anal sex or constipation, an anal fisher or evan piles can cause it, an anal fisher is a tiny cut which can be caused by going to the toilet and straining just once, anal sex may cause it with or without lube but that doesnt meen he is gay. he could be but you cant judge this just by anal bleeding. has your boyfriend found out or heard about you tellingfriends about his personal issues ? because that could a reason why your sex life is abit down at the moment, also confidence could play a role…make an effort and if nothing changes you have to ask your self how important is your sex life, i couldnt with only 3 times a month.

  5. How to Get Six Pack Fast Says:

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  6. Mandy Says:

    I had bleeding for 3 weeks already. Dr told me I have a fisher ( rectal bleeding, a small cut inside) but I have a normal sex life with my husband. The cut just happened. I don’t know what cause it. My husband do have a cut outside of his rear, it bled a lot. He does drink lot of coke and few veto. Maybe your honey just not into active sex life, as long as he love you, I think that’s most important。

  7. TheOneThatMakesSense Says:

    Well I myself am a homosexual male and I have experienced anal bleeding before which came from anal sex with a male and I feel like to discuss your sexual relations with a friend is your choice and your business you your self dont know all the answers so to turn to people you know love and trust is absolutely normal to do most of the people who commented on this saying its wrong probably gets discussed with their mates friends and just have yet to know it yet but for a heterosexual male to be bleeding from the rear is somewhat rare but does not conclude that he may be homosexual what it does conclude is that you need to ask him some questions and get to the bottom of it because there is a strong possibility that he may be.

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  9. Mstre Says:

    I am wondering the same thing…If you have to bring another person to stimulate him. Leave him righjt where he is..and keep moving. He is probably GAY or Like Men maybe even have had things in his ass. But dont want you to know. I am having the same concerns with a friend I think he is D-L….Its dangerous and I stepping back! He is not worth it.

  10. help Says:


  11. Chiquita Says:

    I have the same problem with my boyfriend only difference he is a Truck driver he bleeding in his pants also feces. I ask if hemorrhoids no is the answer. I think he has gay tendency.How can I find out what are the signs.I also asked if he believe it to be a problem he said no and act like its normal.

  12. Shelly Says:

    My fiance also had some bleeding and I have long suspected he could be bi-sexual. I am fine with that in a man and have friends that are gay. I do however have a problem with a man who is and denies and marries has children knowing he is this way and fails to tell his partner. There are many risks involved with bi-seual gay men and I am not willing to be apart of that risk factor. Why do men lie about it hurt people etc. I just want to know for me and my children and in my heart I know, but he continues to deny it and has been caught in many lies around this subject.

  13. Finlay Says:

    Yes! Finally something about click.

  14. GOD'S CHILD Says:

    This something that honestly you all need to go to GOD and pay about, I mean really pray he said ask and it shall be given. THIS IS SO DISHONEST AND HEARTLESS TO ME, IF YOU ARE GAY DONT PUT ANYONE ELES LIFE IN DANGER. LADIES IF YOU SUSPECT HE IS BISEXUAL OR HOMOSEXUAL AND IS BLEEDING PLEASE DONT HAVE SEX WITH HIM YOU ARE PLAYING RUSH AND RULETT WITH YOUR LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Panther Says:

    @Dear Reid

    I think thats extremely bad and irresponsible advise to give to the young lady as regards engaging in a threesome with a man she is in love with, whom she is or was most likely thinking of spending her life with.

    First off the young ladybis 24 how can u ethically encourage her to participate in a three some? And why would she want to be that intimate and take such a sexual risk with someone who has lied to her about his sexuality? The fact that he lied says two things: 1. He is untrustworthy and 2. He does not respect her.

    Please don not misunderstand me, i have no issue with what consenting adults do among themselves, but the key word must be consenting. She did not consent to have a relationship with a bi-sexual man because he didnt respect her or trust her enough to give her the choice. Why then should she placate him or go out of her way to make him comfortable with who she is while in the process will probably end up being untrue to who she is.

    His discomfort or stigma with who he is does not justify him derailing her life. If a man is comfortable enough to have anal sex that’s his right and his choice and his business. He has a right to be who he is. However if he is comfortable enough to engage in sex with other men and enjoy it (it would defeat the purposr if he didnt), then he has to give the same respect to others to respect their rights. Too many men on the downlow believe its ok to mess with an innocent woman’s life because she loves him and he needs to keep up appearances.

    Young lady I advise you to trust your God given woman’s intuition–its seldom wrong, value yourself and do not bend over backward (pun intended) for a man who would repeatedly lie to you. Do not accuse the man without proof nor should you slander him or make him feel there is something wrong with him because he is gay. The fact that you are writing to this forum suggests its something thats been plaguing your mind.

    There is nothing wrong with having a relationship with a bisexual person. There is nothing wrong with him if he is bisexual or gay. There is however a lot wrong with being in a relationship with someone you cant trust and someone who would keep a secret of this magnitude to you. You are 24, take it from someone almost twice your age– RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN IN THE OPPPOSITE DIRECTION BECAUSE YOU CANT TRUST HIM!!!

    There is nothing wrong with you if he prefers being intimate with a man than with you. He is just wired that way and you should be with someone who makes you feel good about yourself.

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