Does my friend like me or not?

Dear Reid,

I have this friend that I think likes me. He sits in front of me in one class. He always turns around to look in my direction and then he quickly turns back. Then in some other classes I’m in with him, he’s always looking in my direction and then when I turn my head to look at at him he’ll stare for a couple of seconds and then turn his head in the opposite direction.

Then, whenever he and I are on AOL Instant Messenger, he barely talks to me and if he does, he asks if I like a band, movie, person etc. And then he keeps going with that conversation for a while and then once I put on an away message, he puts one up in like a minute and it says something like listening to music and then once I come back, he comes back too.

Then today, he was saying that he didn’t get the math we had to do for homework and I didn’t know how to do it either so I told him that I didn’t know it either. Then he turned to get his books and left without saying “bye” or anything like that.

He and I barely talk at all in class except for him asking me what the answer to a question was or just telling me something pointless. Then, there was this time in Study Hall where he asked me where I lived ’cause me and my friends were joking around saying “no one knows where I live!” so then he was like, “Where do you live?” So I told him that I would tell him so he asked me like 5 minutes later and my friend had to tell me something so I told him to wait and then when I turned back to him, he was talking to someone else. Him and his friends are also whispering a lot in class about something that I don’t know.

Also, he is highly annoying to me now. He was never like that and he is somewhat annoying to everyone else but he’s like really really annoying around me. Can you please help me and tell me if my friend likes me or not? And I’m sorry that was so long.

Lacrosses My Life

I know how you feel. Of course he likes you; he’s a horny teenage boy. Invite him to play LaCrosse with you or something, and make sure you’re on the Skins team. Once he sees you with your shirt off, he’ll be all over you.


5 Responses to “Does my friend like me or not?”

  1. Nick Reynolds Says:

    Well I have that sort of same situation except with a girl.
    She never really talks to me, except on the internet and that’s not very often she watches me while she walks in the hallway and when I turn to see her she quickly steady’s her pace. So i think maybe your guy might like you… but please give me any new information when you get any.:)

  2. Sofs Says:

    I think he does like you he’s just shy or nervous and makes excuses to talk to you like what an answer was or something…but doesnt want to seem to obvious x

  3. matt Says:

    hey i guess i have the same situation but there’s this girl that i like but i dont know if she likes me. well in the group that i hang out in everyone gives eachother hugs.but it seemd like when she give me a hug, she seems to hangs on a little bit long then the other guy she gives hugs. i dont know if it’s a friend girl thing to do but her and her friend wait for me after my class gets out. as u can see i like her, but i need to find out or have some kind of clue if she likes me or not. cause i will just have to move on to someone else…again. =[
    but anyways if you can tell me what you think i’d like to hear.
    but if you could reply to me on myspace that would be nice. =]
    this is my myspace(

  4. mike Says:

    all of you get a friggen life!

  5. LOLs Says:

    LMFAO you must be way too dense to believe he doesn’t like you.

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