Gaydar on the fritz

Dear Reid,

I’m gay, and there is this amazing guy that I extremely like but I’m not for sure if he is gay or not. I don’t really know if I should come out to him or wait. He uses the word honey and he stares at me sometimes for no particular reason and then he will smile at me. But I read another entry and it talked about if they were neat and if they had their hair cut nicely and everything else. But he doesn’t. He has the skater boy look, but I have shaggy hair also. I just don’t know what to think and I’m in a confused state.


I know how you feel. Shaggy, are you sure you’re really gay? All true homosexuals are supposed to have something called “Gaydar” that will help them identify others like them. If your Gaydar isn’t bleeping and screeching and signaling a red alert for another guy who calls you “honey”, then something might be wrong. You should have that checked out.


3 Responses to “Gaydar on the fritz”

  1. wantoknow Says:

    Dear Reid,
    I am a bi guy in high school. I have lots of guys at my school, but there is one in particular that i like. Now i don’t know how to tell if he is gay or straight or what, but sometimes i will catch him looking at me or something. I want to know what to do. No one really knows im gay, so would that frighten him away. He only hangs around with girls, but never hits on them. He is like one of those punk goth people, with really tight jeans and stuff. I don’t know how to tell, cuz he has neat hair, but doesn’t tuck in his shirt, i havn’t goten a chance to check his nails, i jsut want to have any advice or something to help me know. Also you know like any clues on when someone is trying to or something, and how to be less intimidating, so that he won’t be scared, i have that street style, i dunno if it scares him or what, please help me. The only thing i have so far, is that he tried to sit beside me once in class, and he was going to then he looked right at me kind of stumbled, and sat down 2 seats away, was he jsut looking for somewhere to sit, or was that an attempt to hit on me?

  2. john Says:

    hey i have a friend that i just meet a couple of weeks ago. He and i get along pretty well. I see him sometimes stare at me and i stare back out of sheer reaction. I can’t tell if he is gay though because he is into football and, though has only had 1 girlfriend, claims he likes girls. Could he be gay and just not know it?

  3. Peter Says:

    yo, i like my best friend but i don’t know if he’s gay or not. He dosen’t like football but he acts like a normal guy. Nobody knows i’m gay and if i tell him then my life will be ruined. he says he likes this girl but i don’t know if he’s gay or not.

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