Not straight

Dear Reid,

I am seventeen and I am what some consider gay but, what I really think I am is “not straight”. I have had relations with men, but also women. But I do not think I am bisexual because I tend to find men more attractive and fun than women. My friends are very accepting of me, but many of my girl friends wish I were straight. I am happy the way I am as of right now, but I just don’t know what to do. What advice could you give me?

Disgruntled Teen

I know how you feel. The problem is, you don’t. If your friends accept you, why can’t you just accept yourself? You say you’re happy the way you are, but then sign yourself “disgruntled”. The way I see it, you should just do whatever (and whoever) you want, and leave it at that.

Maybe you’re gay, maybe you’re straight. Maybe you find that one girl doesn’t turn you on, but what about two at the same time? Or would you be more open to a chick if there were also a dude in the room? Regular readers of this column know that the best solution to all questions of sexual ambiguity (and to many other problems, as well) is just to go ahead and have a threesome. Take one of those girls who wishes you were straight, and one of those guys who wishes you were gay, and get it over with.


2 Responses to “Not straight”

  1. john Says:

    Im bisexual, and i think it is dumb that you say gay people have to have neat hair and clean nails and matching clothes. Thats like saying black people have to wear gold chains or baggy jeans, or maby even all americans are fat. I do not appreciate your ignorance, and your advice is shit.

  2. Reid Says:

    Um, yeah, that’s kind of the point, dumbass. At what point in reading anything on this site did you believe that my advice wasn’t shit?

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