Introducing your boyfriend to your girlfriend

Dear Reid,

My boyfriend and my girlfriend are supposed to meet next week and neither of them knows that the relationship with the other is not platonic. I can’t go on in secrecy, and besides, i want them both in my life. Since you have all this threesome experience, can you advise me on the best way to approach this meeting?

Two-Timing Tottie

I know how you feel. It’s always an awkward situation to come out as a bisexual to your heterosexual partner, or your homosexual partner, however the case may be. Fortunately for you, there’s a simple three-step process I recommend to all of my clients.

Step One: introduce pornography into the relationship.

Step Two: ???

Step Three: polygamous harmony for all involved.

Unfortunately for you, I can’t give away Step Two for free. To learn this valuable information, you’ll have to participate in one of my “How To Successfully Cheat On Your Significant Other And Then Turn It Into A Threesome That Makes Everyone Happy For Ever And Ever” weekend seminars. There’s one in Vegas on May 13. In the meantime, feel free to visit the Dear Reid Store, where you’ll find a wide selection of products sure to help with your situation.


5 Responses to “Introducing your boyfriend to your girlfriend”

  1. Freddy Says:

    You need to fix the link to your store. You left out the D in Reid, it came up as dearreistore and it couldn’t be found.

    I thought you might want to know.

  2. Reid Says:

    Thanks. Fixed it.

  3. straight lover Says:

    dear dr. reid ,
    i also have the same problem but i want my boyfriend to tell his boyfriend that we are seeing each other we all live in the same house and its killing me each day. he has told him that I LOVE HIM BUT NOT HIS OWN FEELINGS IN THE MATTER how do i tell him that i cant deal with the hiding anymore i want an open relationship with him and not have to sencer myself all the days!

  4. denue Says:

    dear reid your a sarcastic ass and i love you. i live by your words! F***k dear abby!

  5. Leo Says:

    I’m sooo interested….
    what will u choose..venus or mars?
    ….choose earth

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